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(A Pets'Diary)
by Sandi Thompson

My family brought me home.
Cradled in their arms.
They cuddled me and smiled at me,
And said I was full of charms.

They played with me.
And laughed with me.
They showered me with toys.
I sure do love my family,
Especially the girls and boys.

The children loved to feed me.
They even let me sleep with them,
All snuggled in the sheets.

I used to go for walks,
Often several times a day.
They even fought to hold the leash,
I'm very proud to say.

These are the things I can't forget,
A cherished memory.
I now live in the Shelter,
Without my family.

They used to laugh and praise me,
When I played with that old shoe,
But I didn't know the difference
Between the old and the new.

The kids and I would grab a rag,
For hours we would tug/
So I thought I did the right thing,
when I chewed the bedroom rug.

The said I was out of control,
And would have to live outside.
This I did not understand,
although I tried and tried.

The walks stopped one by one
They said they hadn't time,
I wish that I could change things.
I wish I knew my crime.

My life became so lonely,
In the backyard on a chain.
I barked and barked all day long.
To keep from going insane.

So they brought me to the Shelter,
But were embarrassed to say why,
They said I caused an allergy,
and kissed me goodby.

If I'd only had some classes,
I wouldn't have been.,
So hard to handle,
When I was all grown up.

"You only have one day left,"
I heard the worker say.
Does this mean a second chance?
Do I go home today?

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