WHELPING KIT is a great addition to the breeder’s tools. Most of the items are reusable and will aid the breeder through the birth of many litters and hopefully save puppies that might otherwise not have lived. Included in the kit are three essential syringes to aid the new born puppy in trouble, along with 4 hemostats and 1 scissor to ensure the safe detachment of the umbilical cord at birth. Along with a lot of other items that are a must in a breeder kit. Please call me for costume order or additional items.

Whelping Kits

Basic Kit

 Sterile Lubricant, 2 packs of Iodine swab sticks, Nutri-Cal, 9 Alcohol Prep Pads 10 Puppy I.D, Bands, 5 Under Pads, Gloves, 3oz Bulb Syringe, 2 Hemostats one pair of surgical scissors, large puppy basket,one bottle hand sanitizer.

Deluxe kit

Stethoscope, 20 oz+ Puppy Milk Replacer power ,Whelping Thermometer, Puppy Nursing Kit, Sterile Lubricant, 2 packs of Iodine swab sticks, Bottle of Nutri-Cal, 9 Alcohol Prep Pads, 20 Puppy I.D. Bands ,10 Under Pads, Puppy Feeding Syringe, Puppy Feeding Tube, 3 1cc/1ml syringe, 10cc/ml syringes, Puppy nursing kit, Medical grade poly coated grown, Gloves, Bulb Syringe 3oz, 4 Hemostats one pair of surgical scissors, one declaw removal tool,4oz bottle kwik stop, 1 pack quick bath, 1 sponge stick, large puppy basket,1 bottle hand sanitizer.

Additional Items

Dog Clothes Up to 10lbs

Whelp Lamp

Pet Tabs
Bio-Flea drops

Just Born (liquid and power)
Shampoo and Conditioner

Puppy feeding Tubes
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