For those that know us will know being out on the road is our love
To see a different place or meet new people is the greatest thing you can experience

Sadly I lost some road time and was messed around so bad by the company I gave 7 years
of loyalty and my life to, only to gain nothing but heartache.

The point of that is if you are wanting to
join the brotherhood of trucking stay away from the companies that you are just a number
as they do not care about you as you are a number and only a number.

Here are our favorite Trucking sites
Now you will not find us on the forums we have listed as we just read them to see what all is going on out there. A lot of interesting reads though better than a book

So please check it out and learn the true meaning of the life of a trucker

Remember if you have it a trucker brought it to you

Want a trucking job this is the best web site for that
EveryTruck Job

Cool forum to learn the real in and outs of Trucking life plus you can get the real scoop on trucking companies
The Truckers Report

This forum is pretty good as you can map out your run and get to know others in their chat room


This is the best site to learn the laws and what is going on
 you do not have to be a O/O to join

A few more good trucking forums to learn the truth about trucking

Trucking Boards

Truckers Forum

This forum is not as busy but a wonderful place to go
Truck Drivers Forum

Now you are out there and oops have to renew that Hazmat gotta take the test well study up and here is a place that has tons of practice tests even if you just want to sharpen up the ole thinker . never know what they have added to the test right
CDL Pratice Tests

Remember life on the road is a lifestyle. You will not get rich and you will work long hard hours.
I know for many it is the call of life and when you get out there you never want to go home.
It is in your blood to keep on the go ..guess it is in my blood to be a Gypsy
Just in case you want to learn here is a site that has a list of schools
Just remember these big companies that hire trainees are just your start they will screw you over every chance they can get even the one I had worked with 
Top Trucking Schools

This is not the place to put this link but you can sure find out what companies and breeders all things within business have done others wrong, If you have been wronged you can sure put your report here but be sure it is a honest report not something made up in anger
Rip Off Report
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