Training Your Puppy
Start training your puppy as soon as they join your family
Early socialisation plays an essential role in training

Training is essential unless you want your Puppy to control your household, even if he or she doesn't have any obvious behavioural problems. Simply teaching basic commands shows your Puppy the social hierarchy in your family - that you're the boss!

There is also the obvious necessity of training your dog so that in public places you have control over them - you don't want your dog to not respond to you when they're about to run across a busy road.

Training also creates and reinforces a special bond with your dog. Dogs are pack animals and there is nothing more rewarding for them to "fulfil" their role whatever this involves shaking a paw or hunting vermin.

Some General Tips

Start training when the puppy comes home for the first time the earlier you start the more effective and enduring the training will be.

Whether in play or in general behaviour training you must be the dominant member of the household. If not, your terrier will assert itself as the head of your household. Do not let this happen.

Be consistent in your training! Do not change your reward and punishment techniques in different environments.

Use positive reenforcement techniques if possible, reward good behavior, ignore bad.

Make every effort to socialise the puppy both with adults and children and most importantly with other dogs

Your voice is by far the most important tool you have for traning your puppy teach your terrier to listen to you.
Adapt an intonation for different commands It may save its life.

Teach your terrier bed manners don't allow your puppy to growl or snap at you if it sleeps with you in your bed. This is a display of dominant behavior.

When you leave your puppy on it's own, give him or her one of your worn jumpers as your smell will comfort them. A warm hot water botle and a ticking clock in their bed will also comfort them as it simulates the heartbeat of their mother.
NEVER keep more than two Terriers in one area when you are not home to offer leadership and protection to them.
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