Jousting is back
It is the sport of Kings and one we enjoy

Jousting is a sport played by two armored combatants mounted on horses. It consists of martial competition between two mounted knights using a variety of weapons, usually in sets of three per weapon (such as tilting with a lance, blows with the battle axe, strokes with the dagger, or strokes with a sword), often as part of a tournament

Jousting was just one of a number of popular martial games in the Middle Ages referred to generically as hastiludes.

Though the first recorded tournament was staged in 1066, jousting did not gain in widespread popularity until the 12th century. It maintained its status as a popular European sport until the early 17th century

Jousting was added to tournaments several centuries after their inauguration. The joust permitted a better display of individual skill and, although dangerous, offered large sums of prize money. Many knights made their fortune in these events, whilst many lost their fortune or even life. For example, Henry II of France died when a shard of his opponent's broken lance went through his visor and into his eye

History of Jousting

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