Most common questions that are asked of us

How long have you had your dogs

We have had Yorkies for 15+ years, we have not shown our Yorkies for the main reason Vicki was in a serious accident and this has prevented her from enjoying this Canine sport.
We recieved our first Biewer Yorkshire a la Pom Pon from a from in Frankfurt at a International Horse show in March 2002. Frankie is the only Biewer at this time that has been shown

What size are your dogs

Our Yorkies and Biewers range from 4 lbs to 13 lbs, the
standard for the Biewer is very much the same as for the Yorkie other than the color
We do not condone the breeding for smaller babies.
Should we happen to have a baby that will be under 4 lbs it will not be sold as this is not a healthy baby in our eyes

Why are your females above the standard size

We prefer our mommies to be of larger size as they do not have the health issue of the smaller mommies. To date our larger mommies have never had to have a vet assist them in birth as our smaller girls have had to have C-sections and other assistance in birth. Also Liver shunt is more prevalent in the smaller dogs.

Are you a member of a club

Yes we are members of the 
BBCA as a club for the Biewer and IBC in Germany

Is the Biewer AKC

No the Biewer is not recognized  with AKC nor is it being consider for approval into FSS at this time
You can always call AKC to verify this

You can register your Biewer with
BBRI and there are several German clubs
Our Biewers are registered with
IBC we will be in the process of Dual registering our Biewers with BBRI and

Can you show the Biewer
Yes, You can show the Biewer with several associations
Being the most popular is
North American Kennel Club

Do you dock tails

Not on the Biewers, they do have their lovely tails
The yorkies we have started not docking as UKC is now allowing them to be shown with a tail.

Where did the Biewer come from

The Biewer was bred in Germany by
Mr Biewer
You can view the pedigree of the orginal Yorkshire parents
Darling von Friedheck and Fru Fru von Friedheck 

Did you do the MARS testing

No, our vet advised us against this as it is not reliable and after reading their web site and talking to them  we concur with our vet

Do you do any testing


Are your dogs DNA'd tested

Our Yorkies are DNA'd
Our Biewer's will be restested using the same lab as AKC

Where do your dogs live
All the dogs live in the house and sleep in our beds with us. They are all part of the family

Can we visit the dogs in your home

Yes but we require basically a back ground check for our safety
sad but in this day and time it is a  must

What do you feed your dogs
After much research we have started feeding our dogs
Taste of the Wild
We also make our own

Why do you have other breeders dogs on your site

We feel that people should have the chance to see what other breeders have
We will only list Breeders on our
Friends Puppies if we feel comfortable with
Why not let others see what other Puppies are out there

Please feel free to
contact us

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