Coat care

1. Be prepared to spend time on grooming and bathing . Because they have long coats, Yorkies must have baths and their coats must be trimmed short or shaved for convenience and hygiene should you not have the time to brush them.

2. Brush your pet's hair daily to keep it free of tangles. Bathe him only when he is dirty, usually weekly. Brushing will keep the hair clean, except on the side of the body where urine collects on a male. Wash this area daily with a damp cloth and warm water. Brush the dog dry in front of a small hair dryer if you have one handy.

3. Wash mucus from the corners of the dog's eyes, with a cloth or wad of cotton soaked in warm water. 

4. Take special care to keep the hair around the Yorkie's anus clean. It is common for this hair to become matted with feces.

5. Keep the hair on the top third of the ear flaps trimmed very short. This way, excessive hair won't weigh down the ears before they are firmly "set," at around six months of age.

6. Get your dog's ears checked regularly for excessive wax and mites, and ask your vet to pluck the hair from inside his ears. Hair on his feet will need trimming occasionally.

7. Pay special attention to the Yorkie's eyes and teeth. Long hair should be kept out of his eyes.  Yorkies may have tartar buildup on the teeth ' so they need regular brushing.

8. Get a little dog coat for the Yorkie for cold weather. Yorkies do not have an undercoat to keep them warm. A store-bought coat will keep your pet warm and cozy. But I do have several friends in my links that make wonderful coats and much better quatlity.
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