Biewer Standard

The Biewer Standard 

General Appearance
The hair should be shiny and fine like silk, straight and it should fall symmetrically on each side parting from the nose to the end of the tail. The dog should be compact and dainty. The posture must be upright. The outline should convey the impression of a powerful and proportional body.

Head and Skull
The head should be small and flat, shouldn't stand out too strongly or have a round skull nor should it have a long muzzle. Nose is completely black. The hair is long, white, blue/black/gold and symmetrically colored.

Eyes should be medium sized, dark with a sharp intelligent expression looking straight ahead. They shouldn't be bulging. Rims should be dark color.

The ears should be small, V-shaped, upright, not wide set, covered with short hair.

Scissors bite or level bite is acceptable.

Front Legs
Legs should be absolutely straight covered with hair.

Hind Legs
Legs should be rather straight, muscular and covered with hair.

Body should be compact with a good level back.

A full tail with plenty of hair, carried a little higher than the back. There is not cropping of the tail.

Paws should be as round as possible, with white or black hair.

The hair should be three quarters in length down the side of the dog's body, long enough to reach the ground, absolutely straight and fine like silk without an undercoat.

The hair on the head should be three colors; white/gold/black or blue, symmetrically colored.

The colors of the body should be predominately black or blue with white markings without any gold intermingled hairs.

The stomach and leg hair should be all white.

Height and Weight
Height should not exceed 10 inches. Weight should not exceed 7 pounds.

Faults of this breed are any and all differences within this breed standard. Protruding or pale eyes, pale nostrils, down or floppy ears, undershot or overshot bite and wavy or curly hair.

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