On This season of love and giving
There is a special gift awaiting a special person. This gift will bring many years of joy and love.

On Dec 24 at 1 pm I shed tears as I left my beautiful Angel at the airport. She looked at me with those melting brown eyes as I shut the crate for the last time. As my Angel was going to join another Angel. She is a gift of love pure and simple.

The day grew long as I worried about my Angel and I counted the minutes. Called Kat a hundred times to relieve the stress

At last the call has come my Angel is at the airport with a happy and inlove new mommy taking our Angel to the person who so deserves our Angel's Love

Angel and Val arrived to her new mommy this wonderful night

What a surprise Deb had on this  night . she had no clue she had such a Angel making her way from TX to PA but Santa works wonders !

Thank you Kat and Jody for helping us as you were a major elves in this wonderful secret !

See Deb dreams do come true and amazing you are naming her Angel as that is what we have always felt of her

Congrats Deb,Val,Penny and my Angel, I know your family will have many joyfilled
years to come

Please do not forget our children at war
They stand for our freedom, sadly some lose their lives for our freedom.

Our only boys in the family are spending the season in Iraq and we so miss them.

It seems as it was yesterday they waited with my girls for a gift and being boys they eyed the food with a lot of greed. You have to be quick when our boys are home

I wonder when they grew up and became men
I miss the funny little boy stuff and games, now they are playing war for real with real enemies,real bullets very real dangers. But I am proud of them as they asked for toys to be sent there to give to the children..thats our boys always thinking of others

Stay safe my wonderful nephews we are with you in heart and remember look at the stars and know we are thinking of you, the brightness of night is how bright our love is.

Your father is well and worries over each of you as we all do. You need to email me again as you know you Auntie and yes I crashed the computer again

Pray for all our children at war

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