We hope you enjoy your visit to Roobear Yorkies

We were adopted by our first Yorkie in 1992 , She was the light and hope
in a dismal world at that time. She remained my constant companion for
many years until she left me on Jan. 16, 2002. Several friends thought I
should raise and show dogs along with our horses and so here we are
with our Yorkies and now our Biewers.
A friend from Germany brought me a Biewer for my birthday in 1999. I
was not really sure about this as to me it was nothing more than a
designer breed and really it is nothing more than a bad colored Yorkie. 

We were very active with our horses but due to illness and my accident
all my horses are living with our wonderful Son until we know what direction
are life is going to take

We do still strive to breed excellence in all our animals and continue
to improve on the bloodlines and quality in which to improve the breed

On occasion we do have litters but only will sell to approved homes and
at this time will only place babies as pets

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