Please be advised that we do not breed or offer any puppies, Please adopt before you buy 


Hi and welcome to our web site. 

I do not agree with back yard breeding and for sure
not with the puppy mills. Please consider checking
with a breed rescue before you buy a puppy. Our
purebred breed rescues need furever homes.

Our site is now for information and fun as well
for past memories.

Our Yorkies are imported from Europe from Susanne
with the kennel name A Slice of Cake and Kinga with 
the Kennel name Pinkerlton .

All of our Biewer  were imported from Germany
and we uphold the German tradition of the Biewer.
It is hard to believe how the Biewer has taken off
here in the states...when I adopted my first baby there
was no one here that even had them not until the early
2000's did they start coming to the states. 

We are proud that we are one
of the first to bring the Biewer
into the states and the first to bring them to Texas.  
Our Biewers have been with us since the summer 
of 1999.

We have had Yorkies since 1991
Our first Biewer came to us in the summer of 1999.

If you have any questions be sure to visit our

Have a wonderful and bright day

Love & Light 

If at somepoint your baby needs medical attention,
the economy as for many has put you in the position
of not having the funds
there maybe help for your baby at
Financial Aid for Animals

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We take pride in our babies and currently have have a Biewer girl and two Yorkie girls. Please see our$900,
proudly awards this dog
site! Please upload
your dog pictures, dog
visit the
dog forums

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